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Post by Matrix on Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:08 am

Philomina Jesse
< >

Hi Dearest ,

 I am female, 23 years old searching for a real man that is trustable, worthy of loving and caring .a man who understand the real meaning of love as a trust in each other. a mature man that will be faithful to me and will understand that a real love does not count distance,
race or colour. after reading your profile in that site I took in interest on you so please i will like you to reply to me urgently so i will tell you more about myself.

Briefly, my Name is Philomena Sam, i am 23 years old girl, from Sierra Leone - Western African.

Actually it takes a moment to know a friend or by one day, and we will start learning each other gradually. i want us to be friends though i know distance is far but i believe that love is a bridge that can connect far distance to be closer.

My Likings are, honesty, trustworthy, friendly, Kind, caring, respectful, tolerance, Patience, realistic person. My disliking is liars, cheaters, self-centered, disrespectful, too dominating, negative outlook on life.
About my family:  My Father Is an Ex defence Minister but he died during President Foday Sankoh's  Reign. As he was shot, he was taken to the military hospital in Senegal for medical treatment, but died after surgery. you can check about him here
While My mother a nurse in Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone before her death in 2000.

due to the challenges which my family were facing after my father’s death, I ran away to avoid been killed by the rebels. presently I am in refugee camp in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso. I am looking someone who i can trust to share my burden, joy and happiness of my life with. please i will like you to write back to me and tell me more about yourself, you can call me with our Rev father phone number +226 762 768 86, please when you call tell him that you want to speak with Philomena J. Sam the Sierra Leone girl.  He is the reverend pastoring in one of the churches close to the Camp and he has been so kind to me and even gave me permission to be using his computer and office phone for any communication until I find my way out of this place.

What actually captivated my attention to move down to this country ‘Burkina Faso’ was the fact that some of my father’s enemies are seeking for my life, and My father of blessed memory before his death deposited Some money worth $8.6M in a (BANK OF AFRICA) with my name as the next of kin and he gave me financial reference code of the deposit before his death but I have contacted the bank severally and I was made to understand that in accordance with the agreement which the bank reached with my late father during the deposit and in addition with my refugee statue, I am denied the right to solely put claim on the fund. So, as per the bank instructions, I wish to contact you personally to help me transfer the money and assistance me investing it in your Country.

I shall forward you with the necessary documents upon confirmation of your acceptance to assist me . and i will like to complete my studies in your country , as i was in my 1st year in the university, when the crisis started. more info about this transfer will be related to you as soon as you respond and set me up in hope that you will not betray me and sit on this fund after its transferred to you. you must not fail to know that this money is the last hope i have to establish in life and some of the enemies of my father and the rebels are seriously searching for me so they can put me away and claim the fund that’s why I am still hiding in this camp. So, please don’t betray this trust that I have in you.

send me your photo and phone number to
my private email:
yours lovely,
Philomena Jesse

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